Website Design

We truly believe having a website is beneficial to any business if properly designed and implemented. Many small business owners try to cut costs and implement a free website design or pay a very low price for a website, then wonder why they never get any hits or return visitors. A website design doesn't have to be expensive but you generally pay for what you get. If anything, at least call us for FREE advise we are here to help with any website design needs. Bitwise is a Michigan Website Design Company.

Think about how many people are on the internet everyday, then ask yourself if being apart of a world wide market is necessary !!

If no one had a website the internet wouldn't be so popular!

1. A WEBSITE IS AN ONLINE BROCHURE. Putting a business online is less expensive then running an add in your local phone directory or other print. More individuals today are using search engines online to find products and services then they are browsing local print advertising. Changes to a website can be done at any time, once your print add goes out that's it you have to wait until the next issue to make changes. Click Here to continue reading...
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Website Development


Add dynamic pages using php programming. Access to database information, server-size scripiting. We support all PHP programming including access to MySQL or SQL database integration.


Microsoft active server pages is a server-side scripting environment used to create dynamic and interactive pages can be combined with html code. We support most applications involving asp integration.


Cascading Style Sheets are used to make website development cleaner, plus it provides less complications with pages not having the same look or font. Style sheets contain information of how a site looks, font types, background, graphics, colors etc. Bitwise supports and developes new sites using style sheets.


Javascript is a programming language used in many web pages to add functionality, validate forms, detect browsers and much more. Bitwise uses javascript in some situtations of new development.


Bitwise utilizes MySQL and SQL server database platforms and provides full support for each.



Shopping Cart - Online Storefront

Home based business or large corporation it doesn't matter, we set you up with an online storefront presence to sell products online and reach out to customers all over the globe. We work with you from beginning until the final design is complete, product is ready to sell online (storefront) then continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance. All online storefronts come with an easy to manage admin interface, maintain customers, add/delete/update products with a couple of clicks, invoicing, packing slips, order tracking, shipping, reporting and many additional features to easily run an online business right from the comfort of you own home or office. All shopping carts are Paypal compatible for smaller customers with lower initial sales volumes. Site includes payment processing gateway for existing or new credit card processing companys.


Keep customer information safe and secure eveytime they shop. SSL secures access for all shopping cart configurations allowing for safe purchase of all products within store. Secure certificates with up to 128 bit encryption.


All shopping cart installs hosted with Bitwise include up to 50 email accounts accessible online through our web interface or configurable from within Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. We recommend having your own Exchange server for more then 50 email accounts Bitwise can provide a free quote to have an in-house Exchange server added.

Admin Control

Maintain all customer information from a password secured control panel. View what people are doing when visiting your site, manage existing accounts, print or email invoices, print packing slips, manage all products and know when to order items, all this and more are included in every design hosted with Bitwise.


View or print reports, several to choose from. Custom reporting available.